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    OS Migration

    Akshay HB Guru

      Hi All,


      We have 10.2 DQ services currently running on SUSE box and the server is being planned to migrate to supported version of RHEL.


      In terms of Informatica related steps, per my knowledge is it just:


      1. Prior to Migration:
        • Backup of domain and MRS

          2. Post migration:

        • Install 10.2 RHEL server binaries under new path (quit the installation at the time of creating/joining a domain)
        • Copy domain config, node config and site key files from SUSE INFA_HOME to RHEL path
        • Change INFA_HOME value of all the environment variables with new RHEL path in the startup file (.profile)
        • Run infasetup updategatewaynode command line to change the log directory and site key location
        • Start the node process


      Please let me know if I am missing anything here?


      Thanks and Regards