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    How to re-try a "REST Web Service Consumer"?

    Rupert Smith New Member



      We have an Informatica BDM system and are having a problem with dropping connections when communicating with a third party web service. Typically, around  every 150,000 messages, a connection will be dropped.


      This fails the REST web service transformation which in turn kills our batch job. We have millions of rows to upload, so the job will need to fail and be re-started many times to complete a data load. I would rather each rows failure did not kill the entire job, but was simply re-tried until it succeeds, given some maximum re-try count to hit before the whole job is failed.


      I looked at the documentation, but I see no option to set a re-try on the REST Web Service Consumer transformation. Did I miss it? Or does one have to construct a re-try loop around it in some other way?


      This only happens under load and is proving difficult to pin down why it is happening. But... In general, comms should always be considered unreliable. So it surprises me to see no re-try option. I am not at all experienced with Informatica - novice level. But we have more experienced programmers on our team, so any pointers as to how to do this are much appreciated, so I can point them in the right direction.


      I have also written many Java based batch jobs in my career previously, and always some kind of re-try option was needed to make them bullet proof. Surely this is in Informatica BDM somewhere, I just don't know enough about it to know where to look.





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          Anusha P Seasoned Veteran

          Hello Ruper,


          Unfortunately, Informatica REST consumer transformation does not have a retry logic built -in as of now.We have already raised a feature request to make this feature available in the consumer transformation.But this will take  a while to be implemented in the product in upcoming releases.

          As of now, You may have to keep track of the requests sent and the responses received. You will have to map the response to the request and for every request that did not get the response you will have to send the request out again.This can be achieved through scripts or  using java codes inside java transformation.

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            Rupert Smith New Member

            Thanks for confirming this is not an available feature in the REST consumer.


            We do keep track of all requests and responses.


            Sometimes the reason a REST call fails is due to network error. This seems to create an unhandled exception which fails the whole job.


            Is there some way to put in a re-try loop that will catch this exception and re-try?

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              Anusha P Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Rupert,


              We do not have the retry capability in REST consumer for now. We have raised a feature request OCON-8923 for this as well.