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    Run a cmd task only after the previous mappings are complete.

    Amit B Guru

      Hi All,


      I am a newbie in Informatica developer(IDQ) and have difficulty understanding the flow of data in workflow.


      i have created 3 mappings and have put it in a workflow. The flow is like below:

      Start--> mapping1--->mapping2 ---> mapping3--cmd_task1---cmd_task2--End

      Now, mapping 1,2 and 3 will generate 3 csv files when run.

      cmd_task1 will merge those csv files once all the 3 files are in the directory

      cmd_task2 will then send a mail attaching those.


      Now when i run the above workflow the csv files are getting created but the merge is not happening.


      so how can i do that?


      Only when the 3 mappings are run , i wnat to run the two command tasks.