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    German charters are not visible properly after loading into Oracle DB using IICS mapping


      Hi All,


      We are trying to load the data from .CSV file to Oracle table. The Source files have German charters data like ü,ß,ö,ä.


      Source Connection type: Amazon S3

      Source file type: .CSV with ; delimiter

      Target Connection type: Oracle


      Sample data after loading below.

      Source sample data: Neustädter Str. 10

      Target table data: Neust?dter Str. 10


      While importing the file using S3 connection, we checked the data using Preview Data option, at that time the charters are not visible properly. its shows as data like "Neust?dter Str. 10"


      Could you please let us know the solution to this issue.


      Thanks in Advance.