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    How to create dependent lookup in PIM 8.1.1?

    Anurag Chourasia Guru

      Hello Gurus,


      Could you please let me know how we can create dependent lookup in PIM?


      Scenario is that I have created a sub-entity (SE1) where I have 3 fields F1, F2 and F3. F1 is qualifier field and user can add number of rows against an Article. Field F1 has an list of values (based out of lookup) and ave more then 100 values. User selects 5 values out of those 100.


      Now there is another sub-entity SE2. SE2 has field Sf1, Sf2, SF3. requirement is SF1 field should display only those values as valid list of values which has been chosen by user in F1 field on sub-entity SE1.


      Can we do this in PIM. if yes then how we can achieve this?



      Anurag Chourasia