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    Developer Client challenges in INFA 10.2?

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      Developer Client challenges in INFA 10.2?



      Thanks for replies to earlier posting. Here is the situation.:


      Do we have a INFA Developer Client Community ?


      We are facing many challenges to wotk with 10.2 Developer Client (Data Processor). We are moving from 9.6 DT Studio, where we have complicated/large DT services. We are not able find DT Studion flexibility in Developer Client (10.2).


      The Model Repository constraint is a major issue. We did not have this in DT Studio, when we worked with large DT service for XML related transformation.



      Are we able to save your Data Transformation objects when model repository offline? Can we do that?


      I did see a location, when I try to import without connecting to Model Repository. It opens a blank window. How do we push a location/workspace utl into this?


      Are we able to disable validations during import?, If yes, Ho do I do that?


      Meanwhile in Informatica 961 DT Studio tool/application, we are still able to import this DT service and the DT Studio will just marked or tag this DT service as invalid. And also it shows very nicely where the problem lies.


      We are not able to get this functionality in Developer Client (10.2)


      When we deal with large size 10K XML xpaths that we have to create or to generate their corresponding ContentSerializer. Sometime we do have some typo or issue with the xpaths. So we use DT Studio app to help us in pin-point the root cause and fix it.



      But this new Informatica 10.2 Dev Client does NOT have such capability/feature.



      How did you handle these challenges in your project need with 10.2 developer client?





      Thanks for sharing.