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    Human Task & Exception Data Management with IDQ 10.2.0 HOTFIX1

    Guillem Medina Cuadradas New Member



      I'm developing a mapping on IDQ using exeption tables and human tasks.

      The main problem is when i'm showing the exeption data in the analyst board, I can't show over the panel the columns with an issue in the data. Despite i'm showing the data, i can't specify wich columns are wrong (should appear a little mark in red) as i saw in the documentation.


      Or in this video:


      INFASupport Webinar Series: Human Task & Exception Data Management with IDQ 9 6 1 


      I'm using just 1 source , 2 expression objects for specify the rules and their scores.

      After that, i link both exeption tables(names,country) in an union object using only the bad result outputs and the default columns like (workflow id, row_identifier,record_status...) to be able to read the results on the Analyst Exeption Board.


      I attach a screenshot:



      After that, I create the Human task objects on the worflow and Specify the differents configurations about the tasks, using ExeptionStep and ReviewStep.


      Finally, i show all the info via analyst:


      As you can see, I can visualize and edit all the data perfectly. Although I used the 'Issue Assignment' propertie over the column 'SRC_Column' in the exception object still not appear any red mark or something that indicates to the user that in this column is an invalid data or a bad register.


      Any Idea?


      Furthermore I'm going to attach for you the Administration configuration, if maybe it's a problem on the internal Analyst configuration .



      Thank you!