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    Netherlands PO box vs visiting address

    Erik van Driel Active Member

      I am trying to figure out following for the Netherlands:
      We are storing addresses as follows; addr1 = PO Box (or visiting addr when no PO box info) and addr2 = visiting address
      Zip code has the zip code corresponding to addr1.
      When we run this data through AD, AD is outputting it the reverse way, addr1 = visiting address and addr1 = PO box, however zip code remains the zip code of the PO box.
      Why is the address information reversed, and why isn't the correct zip code provided corresponding to the visiting/street address?

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          Shubham Garg Active Member

          Hi Erik,




          Address doctor try to standardize the input data while validating and here doing same. Visiting address are the primary addresses in comparison to PO BOX information and both are two different physical addresses in which one points to the street+House and other points to PO BOX.


          In the standardization address doctor tries to validate one of ( either street+house or PO BOX) based on the Address priority and populates the results.


          If you are giving both PO BOX and visiting address then Address doctor populates visiting address initially in DAL ports and then PO BOX. ( In this case visiting address in DAL1 and PO BOX in DAL2).




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            Shubham Garg Active Member

            Hi Eric,




            As I have mentioned Address doctor can only validation one of them ( either street+house or PO BOX) other remain parsed without validation. In this case it looks like PO BOX is validated by address doctor and street and house number parsed directly into output without any validation. 

            (Address Doctor tries to preserve the input data in output, If any additional information is provided)


            By Default address doctor follow postal admin preferences, Generally priority is decided by the postal admins but in address doctor you can change it using Dual Address Priority result parameter. Please follow The DualAddressPriority Attribute 


            Whenever you will provide both, PO BOX and Street+house then this parameter will to whom Address doctor engine should give priority.


            I would suggest, For your case change it to STREET for validating street and house number. If you want to validate only delivery service (PO BOX)  then change it to DELIVERY_SERVICE. POSTAL_ADMIN can be anything depends on postal admins priority.




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