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    Salesforce PushTopics Event Triggering Process

    Aaron Mattern New Member

      I'm attempting to follow this video, to simulate my own pushtopic event triggered Application Integration job, but nothing seems to kick off the event when I check the processes in Application Integration Console.  What am I missing?


      1.) I created a new Salesforce Dev Org, and setup a pushtopic named AccountTopic with the SOQL of
      Workbench Screenshot.


      2. In Informatica App Integration, I have created a new connection to Salesforce, and authenticated to my devOrg above using oAuth.  The connection I have selected to run on my local secure agent so that the Events section appears in the connection.


      Connection Properties


      3. I have edited my Events Section to match the push topic name as above:



      4. I publish the Connection


      5. I create a new process, and select Binding:Event, and select the Event as described above.


      6.) I publish this process, and test by adding/updating an Account in Salesforce.   I verify in Workbench that the subscription is throwing an event: