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    What is the best practice for exporting table and column listing from a database that I have scanned in EDC?

    John Quillinan Active Member

      What is the best and most efficient practice to export table and column listings for databases that I have scanned in EDC?

      Export feature.

      I can select Column as my Asset Type in the first screen

      Select column as asset type.

      followed by at least one attribute.

      Select custom attribute.

      I am prompted for a file name and location next.


      After the file is downloaded, I opened the CSV file, and parsed the Id column.


      In general, it seemed to follow a format such as RESOURCE://DATABASE/SCHEMA/TABLE/COLUMN.


      I am aware of the Rest API, but I could not find one for exporting table and column listings.  Furthermore, I could not find an id (numeric) for the higher level database object (my schema or database).  I have a name but not a number.  The challenge with the API is that I need a custom Java or Python program to parse the API output, so I am back to the same issue as with the CSV file.


      Is there a cleaner way to extracting table and column listings out of EDC?