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    Max User for EDC

    Kaustuv Chatterjee Active Member

      Hi All,


      Is there any limitation for the max number of users that can be created for Enterprise Data Catalog.

      Is it depends upon Licence or size? User will be the business users who will be checking the technical terms, Business term <--> technical term and Data lineage of data in EDC.


      Many thanks.

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          Srinivas Pai Guru



          No, There is no limitation from EDC end, EDC just picks up the users from Platform or the Powercenter end.


          From the Powercenter or Platform end, There are no licensing limitations with creating the users.

          There could be issues from the technical end, like memory issues from the database end, or OOM issues with LDAP sync while importing the users into UM/Platform/Admin Console and the dependent services.


          Is there any ballpark number you can state when you mean max?





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            Kaustuv Chatterjee Active Member

            Thanks SrinivasPai .

            By 'Max' i want to mean, if Informatica EDC have configuration of '48 CPU Core, 106 GB RAM, 1.1 TB HDD' then is there any way we can check, how many users it can accommodate within this spec.



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              Srinivas Pai Guru



              Please get the sizing guide for the version of services from the network size.

              That should contain the information on the sizing that has to be performed based on the number of users.




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