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    Adding Item to different revisions

    Kiran Ruhil Guru

      Hi All,


      I am working on Informatica PIM360v8.1.1.02 and new to concept of revisions. I have three versions : 'Working version' (OOB) ; 'Intermediate version' and 'Approved version'. Working version seems to be a base versions and version can be created only from base version. Is there a way to move Product from 'Intermediate version' to 'Approved version'?



      Idea is, user will use 'Working version' to create and maintain products. As soon they are ready to publish their products to downstream system, Product will be synced to 'Working version' -> 'Intermediate version'. Product will be pushed to BPM where reviewer will approve the BPM task and Product should be moved from 'Intermediate version' to 'Approved version'. 'Working version' can still be used by users to enrich Product information irrespective of Product available in workflow.


      Any help will be very much appreciated!!




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          Kiran Ruhil Guru

          Hi All,


          Any thoughts on this use-case? If it is not possible with OOB functionality, is there any workaround or any one already implemented this use-case, please share your experience.


          Thanks in advance !!



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            purusottam nayak Guru

            Hi Kiran,


            Yes, This should be possible.

            You can switch between versions by calling up View > Versions from the program menu.

            The version that you are currently using is shown in the status bar of the program window .



            So you can go to You can go to View > Versions > 'Intermediate version'

            then select the required item from this version and Select Versioning > Add selection to > 'Approved version' in the pop-up menu


            Please let us know if this helps.

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              Andreas Bühler Guru

              Hi Kiran,

              versioning support in the web ui is currently limited to the compare view in which you can compare items of different versions (available with 8.1.1).

              If you want to add items to a version the source version is always the working version. You cannot choose the source of the version OOB.

              Other customers are implementing this kind of process with 2 versions only as far as I know.




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                Kiran Ruhil Guru

                Hi Purusottam,


                I tried the way you mentioned,


                View > Versions > 'Intermediate version'

                then select the required item from this version and Select Versioning > Add selection to > 'Approved version'



                versioning job created but data visible in approved version is from 'working version' but not from 'intermediate version'

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                  Kiran Ruhil Guru

                  Thank you Andreas for your reply.


                  With two versions, I am facing few challanges may be you can help me with them


                  I have approval workflow with two states, Review Task and Approve Task.

                  Approach is, user will edit item outside the workflow from details tabs as soon as user feel Item is ready to publish field will be populated to start the BPM workflow. Item will move to Review Task state. Reviewer role will work on Review task and task will be moved to Approver Task.

                  Before Approver take the action, if user edit an item. Approver will approve the changes which was not even reviewed by Reviewer.


                  Is there any way if we can stop items being edited if Item is in workflow? or restrict user to edit item only by the user to whom task is assigned when Item is in workflow? Due to such case only, we planned to have three revisions.Do you have any idea how Approval workflow basically be carried out by other projects with Informatica Product360




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                    Andreas Bühler Guru

                    You could use object permissions on the items to lock them while it's being in review workflow.

                    Please check the service api documentation for the chapter Security API. It describes how to read and create and access control list (acl), the aclId just need to be set to the item. Actually the aclID and the aclFlag to 1 (1 = individual which means the object permission of this item is an individual permission and has not been inherited by the container or parent).

                    If you don't use object permissions on items it's simple as you just need to set the aclId and the flag to lock it, and remove both to unlock. If you do use it, you would need to add the user to the existing acl (you get a different aclID then from the system) and you need to set the new acl id to the item.

                    So, process is: get aclID from item, if null, create new acl, set aclID and aclFlag to item.

                    If not null, read acl based on the aclID, create/update acl with the current user set to read only, set new aclId and aclFlag to item.

                    In any case, if you create/modify a new acl, make sure that one of your admin user groups has full access...you don't want to have a failed / crashed workflow keeping an item in locked state forever or something.

                    And also add the rest user to this otherwise he will not be able to unlock the item any more when the workflow completes .)


                    (In case you forgot it, the build in "Administrator" account bypasses all permissions and can be used to adjust the permission of objects normal admins are even locked out. Because of this "super power" the admin account can be disabled for the whole system. But at least you can enable it again and fix the permissions without having to dig into the database)




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                      Kiran Ruhil Guru

                      Hi Andreas


                      It is not very clear to me.


                      If Item is not in workflow, it can be edited by any user. : No aclId and aclFlag has to be set.


                      If Item initiated to workflow:


                      State 1: Reviewer : Only Reviewer should be able to edit and for other users read only.

                      Do I need to set Acl for all the roles with Reviewer role (read and edit permission) and other roles (read only)?

                      assigning to user: how to get current user who accepted the task in Active VOS will be a challange


                      State 2: Approver: Same as Reviewer role


                      Is my understanding coorect?




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                        Andreas Bühler Guru

                        I believe in the current releases / hotfixes you get all the data from the task when you resolve it, also the user which accepted it. But you might want to double check that with support

                        Acl is pretty flexible:


                        No AclID on the object - everyone has full access, no restrictions

                        Now, within an ACL there is a "hierarchy". Organisation --> User Group --> User.

                        User permission tops user group permission which again tops organisation permission. All of them are optional.

                        If the user is part of the acl --> his specific permission counts, nothing else.

                        If the user is not part of the acl, but one of his user groups, he has the permission if at least one user group he belongs to has it.

                        If no user group of the user is part of the acl, but his organisation -> the permission of the organisation rules.

                        If his organisation is not part of the acl, he has NO permission.


                        Currently only one organisation can be added to the ACL, the "provider" org all users belong to. So depending on the ACL you can change the default behavior.


                        An acl with the provider organisation set to full permission means - all users have full permission , EXCEPT those mentioned as usergroup or users.

                        So if you want to restrict the edit for all users but the approvers:

                        - create an acl with the provider organisation, set the org's permission in the acl to READ only

                        - add the approver user group to this acl, set it to WRITE

                        no need to mention all other user groups, as they default to the organisation

                        If you don't even want them to see the object, don't have the organisation in there or disable read for it - has the same effect


                        You can play around with it in the desktop client and see how you need to configure the acl to fit your needs.




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                          Kiran Ruhil Guru

                          Thank you Andreas for the help!!


                          I got the organization provider and able to make item read only for all using security API.


                          One more help, last time when I was working on Active vos + PIM BPM integration. I faced lot of challanges, one of them was getting information like who has accepted the task. It seems it is achievable with latest versions. Still, I have to double check it.


                          Other challange was, if workflow task is assigned to a role and later if we assign it to a user. All the items assigned to role, moves to user. Are you aware, if it is solved.


                          Use case is, Reviewer reviews the tasks and assign it to Approver. If approver rejects the item, it should be assigned to the user (Approver user) who acted on Approver task.


                          Many many thanks to you