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    Setup alerts for long running IICS jobs

    Poorna C Guru

      Looking for someway to alert teams on long running cloud jobs (taskflows/DSS) when using in-built scheduler.

      Appreciate any help!

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          Biswadeep Sen New Member

          Hi, this feature is not available yet (to get a notification for long-running jobs in IICS). As you've mentioned in the reply, notification is there for success, warning, and failure for a task run.



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            Neeraj Upadhyay Support Moderators

            Hi Poorna,


            There is no such option available currently.


            it is very difficult from Informatica side to find out which task is in hang status (or running longer) as the task might be processing more records than usual or if there is network slowness or source/target endpoints are slow these all factors will lead to slowness of task.


            We have a Feature request in place which will give the ability to define "MAX Time" (in UI) a task can run, this time we have to specify at task creation(design)  if the task doesn't complete in defined time then the task will be automatically aborted, the FR# is IF-20579