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    Source previous date

    SIXTO QUILES New Member

      Hi, am new in Power Center, i need some help:


      I have an ftp with my source files (flat files), I have to read only those with the same date yesterday. (sysdate -1 day). These files are generated every day, the name of the file changes, I only have the date to distinguish and process them.


      Any help? If need more details or information let me know.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          The only way which I see is to first download them all into a special directory used only for this purpose; then perform a "dir" (resp. "ls -l", depending on the operating system of the PowerCenter server machine) on all these files and use a PowerCenter mapping (which reads all those file names as its source) to find out which file names fit the date requirements; save only these dates to a target flat file.

          Then in the next step use this flat file as an "indirect" file source (i.e. a source file list) for your actual load mapping.


          I know, this is rather short, so please don't hesitate to ask for any additional detail you may need.