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    Capability to compare versions using Flex UI

    Kiran Ruhil Guru

      Hi All,


      We are using PIM360 v Is there any possibility to configure a flex ui with the capability to show two different versions (say 'working version' and 'approved version') of an object. Basically I am looking a way to replicate the same view as we get from action "compare with version" in web client.


      Use-case: We have a workflow 'Approval workflow', user keeps working in 'working version' and they initiate item to a workflow when user feels it is ready to publish. In approval workflow, user is not interested to see all the details tabs, and just want to see only the differences between 'approved version' and 'working version'. We planned to not to make user go to 'Action' menu to compare revision but create a flexible UI with compare revision view. If it is not possible to design a view similar to compare view using flexible UI, will go with standard behavior (Action->compare revision).


      Any help will be very much appreciated.