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    Passing Multiple Values for Entity Criteria Parameter

    Abhinav Bhatnagar Active Member



      In Informatica TDM I have created an entity and using criteria parameter to filter the records. Parameter file is created and I have multiple values for this criteria parameter. Below is my  parameter file



      Criteria parameter $$DEPTNO is created in TDM with data type as numeric ,default value zero, override yes.


      I created a plan which uses  the entity and generated the workflow. I get below  error message when I ran the workflow "


      [VAR_27056 Data conversion error in converting[00004,023011,180002],


      When ran the workflow using single value for $$DEPTNO (ie $$DEPTNO=00004 in the parameter file) it ran successfully.


      Can't we pass multiple values for a criteria parameters in parameter file? Am I using correct method to pass multiple values?

      Any alternate solution if it can't be?


      Informatica TDM version is 10.2.0 HF1