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    Bringing custom metadata into EDC using Custom Lineage CSV file

    John Quillinan Guru


      has an example of how to bring in custom metadata into EDC.


      The steps include:

      1. Create a custom model, ProLogic, using Custom-Scanners/proglogic_indent.xml at master · Informatica-EIC/Custom-Scanners · GitHub
      2. Create a custom resource type, PrologicASTransformations, using this zip file which contains links.csv and Objects.csv.
      3. Create a custom lineage resource (resource of type “Custom Lineage”) that will allows to bring import the lineage via CSV file. The custom lineage file can be found here

      The first two metadata loads ran successfully.  However, the last metadata load for the Custom Lineage fails.

      Monitoring screenshot for Custom Lineage resource

      Consequently, I don’t see any upstream and downstream details under the Lineage and Impact tab for Map_CDB_to_Policy_Model. 

      Linear and Impact screenshot


      In the log, I see that parsing failed: String index out of range.  I see 3 occurrences.

      Metadata Load log






      Is there a limit on the length of the "To Object" in the Custom Lineage file?


      Since I don't have catalog resources for OracleWB and Prologic_filestore, is this contributing to the errors?


      Do I have to have these resources in order to display Custom Lineage?


      Is there a model for OracleWB that can be provided for the example?

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