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    Loop within an json array and load to table as multiple records in ICAI/ICRT.

    Vishal Singh Active Member

      Hi Team,


      I getting the data from service Connector (on which i created a connector), in json format as shown below in the picture/attachment. I need to populate the top content "mainrecord" into table_mainrecord(5 fields), and populate 2 records in table_phone(with 4 fields) with the content from the array shown below. If I do field level assignment, I am only getting topmost record but not the one after that. And incase if we have an additional phone number in that array, even that will be missed. Kindly please help me how I need to loop it (or) any other way to populate the records in tables.



          "mainrecord": {

              "PKId": "3456",

              "country": "in",

              "firstLocalName": "ABC ",

              "middleLocalName": "DEF",

              "gender": "M",

              "Phone": [


                      "FKId": "78",

                      "country": "fr",

                      "phoneNumber": "+9194858789",

                      "deleteStatus": "0   "



                      "FKId": "89",

                      "countryIso2": "fr",

                      "phoneNumber": "+9145465679",

                      "deleteStatus": "0   "






      Anticipating your help.