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    Workflow Previous status validation

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      I have a group of workflows that run one after the other that form a batch.

      In order to avoid double runs, I will like to implement link condition in order to avoid the execution of workflows that have already run in the current batch, if the last workflow has not finished. I have looked at PrevStatus but this is used on tasks. Is there a built-in condition that is more oriented towards workflow names/workflows?



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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Nope, there is nothing like that provided by PowerCenter itself. You will have to build this feature yourself.


          One potential help for this task is the repository view REP_WFLOW_RUN. Here you can find the last n runtime entries per workflow, which would enable you to identify whether workflow xyz has been run during the current process chain and - if so - whether it succeeded or not.


          Details about these so-called Metadata Exchange views on the repository database can be found in the Repository Guide for PowerCenter.