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    Relevant fields for delta export : rename channel in perspective data quality

    Margot Emmers Active Member

      Good morning,


      After creating an new data qualtity channel 'Relevant fields Product image default' and selecting 2 fields to validateon changed data by performing export.

      - Product image default

      - Golden Record ID


      I wanted to change the data quality channel Name to 'Relevant fields'. So Only 1 data quality channel is existing

      After changing the name I added 3 more fields to be validated on changed data.

      - Series

      - Type

      - Net customer price (from 1)



      BUT By performing an export two different channels are available??



      - Relevant fields Product image default

      - Relevant fields

      If I select the first Channel : 2 items will be exported while this checks on the first 2 added fields

      If I select the second Channel : 3 items will be exported while this checks on the last 3 added fields


      Did anyone bump into he same issue? Is this a configuration issue ? Bug?


      Kind regards,

      Margot Emmers