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    unsupported data type issue while creating PDO from MS SQL SERVER

    Amit Bhartiya Active Member

      Hi All,


      I am trying to created a customized data object from MS SQL SERVER connection using a customized query.
      I am getting unsupported data type issue. so i tried to cast the columns to varchar.
      But i am also using a case statement and it is failing again at the below point.


      cast(Locator as nvarchar(20))

      ,cast(AppD as varchar(50))


      when cast(Locator as varchar(20)) = 'Teradata' and AppD  not like 'Teradata%' then '111ThisIsValid111' else 'No Match_Found 0000000' end as 'SDB_Prefix'  from [abc].[Stage_table]



      "column type SDB_prefix is not supported"


      How to overcome this.
      Also, when i am trying to use

      cast(Locator as nvarchar(20))  as Lct and using Lct in the following lines its throwing error.