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    Mask a Mainframe VSAM File with UZONED datatype

    Shiney Abraham Active Member

      My requirement is to mask VSAM file. I have used PoweExchange to import this Mainframe file. When I created the datamap, one column got created with uzoned datatype. I imported this PWX table into TDM via PowerCenter and applied the required rules and generated the workflow. While Im executing the workflow then Im getting error for the UZONED column. Please let me know how to handle UZONED datatype.


      Message Code: PWXPC_12190
      Message: [ERROR] Transformation [TGT_PWX_VSAM_ecscmemo__PWX_GSF]: A permanent error has been encountered in PowerExchange: [
      [Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-00267 DBAPI Error. DB_INSERT failed for file ydmemo.ecscmemo_ECS_MEMO_RECORD.
      [Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-02019 SQL insert failure. SQLCODE = 2180.
      [Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-03015 Field 'ECS_MEMO_RECORD:ECS_MEMO_TRAILERS' size '20' does not match the value '3' in count field 'ECS_MEMO_RECORD:ECS_MEMO_TRAILER_COUNT'. Table=ydmemo.ecscmemo.ECS_MEMO_RECORD Record=1.
      [Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-07515 Insert call for table ydmemo.ecscmemo_ECS_MEMO_RECORD met a permanent error. Return codes 267 2019 2180.
      Info messages for Dbc follow:
      PWX-35860 Spill files will be allocated in directory "/opt/informatica/informatica_server/102HF1/server/bin" for target file "TDM2DEVL.SHARE.ECS.YDMEMO.D711". Environment variable "PWD". Memory Allocation Size 16.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          You might want to post this question on the PowerExchange forum (not PowerExchange Adapters!) as well. This is one of those cases where a cross-post might indeed help.

          The reason is simple: on this forum, the TDM forum, you won't find many people who have a thorough understanding of mainframe technology in general and PWX in particular.

          On the PowerExchange forum you won't find many people experienced with TDM, but the mainframe specialists there should be able to help you with this particular error message.