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    Best scripting language to be used with Informatica BDM

    Praveena Sakthimohan New Member


      We have informatica BDM 10.2.2 and we have been creating workflows to do our processing. There are some pre processing steps and post processing steps like deleting log files, checking if file exists etc., which we have been using command task.


      However these command tasks cannot be copied from one workflow to another and reusability or sharing of code becomes tedious unless we replicate the workflow itself which is not desirable.


      So I want to understand what kind of scripting language works commonly/best with Informatica BDM.


      Or rather among the 3 below which would be best suited to work with BDM ? we want to be able to run hadoop ,hive, spark commands as well from this language if necessary as well as be able to make Rest calls to get statistics if necessary.

      1. Perl

      2. Python