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    FTP using on FTP Connection on the sessions

    Mar Cuis New Member

      HI All,

      I have already tried to do FTP using shell script.
      However I want to try doing FTP using the FTP connections on the Sessions.
      Meaning  the source will first query a database then on the Target is a File Writer that will use the FTP connections.
      I tried searching any basic example however there is no luck.


      Below are the things I have done.
      1. Sources: SQTRANS
      2. Targets:
                Connections: FTP

                Hostname: server

                Remote Filename: \ddd\aaa\aaa

                Output file directory: (null)


      After running the workflow it succeeded however the file is not created on the Remote Filename specified.

      Is there any mistakes I have done?
      Thank you for all the answer that I will receive.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          One thing you could try is to replace the backslashes by forward slashes in the file path:



          One question: what user name and password did you key in? This user ID must be defined on the FTP server; depending on the FTP server software, it may be necessary to define that user ID in the FTP server itself (one example is the FileZilla server on Windows which has its own user management).


          Also you might want to double-check on the FTP server whether the user ID you've keyed in has permission not only on that target directory but also on each directory in the path.

          For example, let's suppose the FTP server is on Unix/Linux, and you're trying to write the file with a user ID mcuis.

          Now the user ID mcuis needs read and execute permission on /ddd and read, write, execute permissions on directory /ddd/aaa. Read permission on /ddd is not enough.


          Just a few ideas off the top of my head.




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            Mar Cuis New Member

            Hi Nico!


            Thanks for the response yeah my only mistake is the backslash thing. Actually I tested it using forward slashes however I  did not put any filename to it coz I think the filename I indicated on the session will be the one to used during the creation of the file.



            1. Use forward slashes instead of backslash

            2. Also put the filename of the file to be created / updated on the Remote Filename