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    PowerCenter OS profile with different OS (Linux) user

    Sameer Deshpande Active Member

      We created a new Informatica OS profile using a different OS (Linux) user other than the one used for running the Informatica service. The workflows are failing with VAR_27098 error,

      ERROR: Error in expanding variable parameter.  Please check the Integration Service log for more information..


      When I checked the PCIS log and corresponding Informatica documentation, it says it is because of permission issue of OS user. I gave full permissions for the OS user of the PMRootDir and its sub-directories. But still the error is coming up.

      I also checked pmimpprocess file permission and it is set to -rwsr-sr-x which is correct with proper setuid and setguid per Informatica documentation.


      Some additional details:

      1. Informatica is installed on AWS linux instance, using ec2-user. Version: Informatica Powercenter 10.1.0

      2. $INFA_HOME = /home/ec2-user/Informatica/10.1.0

      3. When I removed parameter file from workflow, the workflow starts and fails because of parameter value is empty. This is expected. So, the problem is OS profile is not able to access/read parameter file.

      4. When I login into Linux directly with the OS profile user, I can access parameter file and read/write it.

      But Informatica workflows are not able to read it.

      5. I checked all the Linux audit logs and find no trace of any access violations. (auditctl and SElinux log).


      Could anyone help me in this regard?