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    Salesforce Outbound Message to IICS Cloud Application Integration not working

    Umakanta Swain New Member

      Hi All,


             I am triggering one Application Integration Service from Salesforce Outbound Messages this is not working as below.

      Step 01: I have set up my ICAI assets and published all the assets and setup as https://network.informatica.com/onlinehelp/IICS/prod/CAI/en/index.htm#page/cai-aac-design/Using_Salesforce_System_Servic…

      Step 02: Copied the published url like :   Asset URL

      Step 03: According the one of the link https://kb.informatica.com/solution/23/Pages/52/320316.aspx I have modified the url as  ICAI Asset Link

      Step 04: Created Salesforce Workflow Rule and Outbound Message for Account Object and given the  ICAI Asset Link in Endpoint URL.


      Step 05: One change of Account Object It is triggering the Workflow Outbound message and Outbound message is not getting delivered with status (400/401/403).


      Step 06: I have also tried with PutsReq  and https://requestb.in/  It is working fine.

      Step 07: Modified the Site Security setting and added the Informatica URL https://usw1-cai.dmr-us.informaticacloud.com/

      Step 08: Added Salesforce Debug log it is clearing notifying the trigger of Outbound message.


      Please let me know I am missing something or is anything going wrong for me.