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    PowerExchange Uninstaller Error

    Joel Tompkins New Member

      Hi! I recently installed PowerExchange 10.2.0 HF 1 on a new Windows server 2016, but did not quite direct the install to the location and folder structure I wanted. I did not continue with any configurations or post-install work. I was going to uninstall and reinstall, but the uninstaller fails with an error that the "Flexeraayd$aaa: Windows DLL Failed to load". With Google, this appears to be an issue between Java and Windows Server 2016? Is there a fix for this? I ran the installer again to see if I could get a modify option, but did not, so now I have a second install to the right place that I wanted, but I need to get rid of the original install. Also need to make sure anything that might have gotten pointed to the original install gets repointed to the new install. Can anyone provide any answers for this? Much appreciated!

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          You must make sure at all costs that the uninstallation uses the same JDK / JRE which you used for the installation.

          If that won't work, then the only ways are:

          - uninstall using some Windows tool and something like CC-Cleaner (registry cleanup tool),

          - reinstall Windows from scratch on that machine and then only install the correct version.


          Never ever try to run one installation on Windows in location A when there is a second installation in location B if the uninstall process for location B failed (as in your case). That's a very good way to mess up your Windows system completely.


          Sorry that I don't have any better news. That's my experience. Maybe Windows 2016 is better than 2008 when it comes to remove unwanted software, I don't have much experience with 2016; but with older Windows versions I often encountered really nasty issues if I did not remove one software component completely (including a reboot) before trying to re-install.




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            Joel Tompkins New Member

            Thanks Nico. I kind of had the same thought, and opted to start over with a server snapshot taken before any installations. I will be reinstalling and reconfiguring PowerCenter as well as PowerExchange, and I will get more snapshots along the way this time. But I agree it was not worth risking messing anything up long term or short term.