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    BDM S3 schema specification via meta file

    Mita Baxi New Member

      I recently started using Informatica BDM, when using S3 as source for reading flat file objects how can schema be specified in meta file with desired data type and precision definition? Is it possible or not?


      I created two files employee.csv on S3 and a local meta file employee.meta












      Then I created and loaded it as S3 physical data object,schema inferred from meta file identifies all fields as String with precision as length(<column name in meta file>) which needs to be manually updated, is there a way to include it in meta file itself and avoid this manual work?


      I came across this documentation of Cloud Data Integration where a json based schema specification has been used to parse a delimited compressed flat file but this doesn't work in BDM - Reading a Compressed Flat File


      Please suggest if I am missing some part of puzzle here.