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    how could i fix it

    waqar lak New Member
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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Looks like a wrong installation of the client software.

          Did you unpack the client installation package (a ZIP file) using a "real" ZIP tool or via Windows Explorer? If it's Windows Explorer, then get a "real" ZIP tool to unpack the installer. The problem is that Winfows Explorer seems to unpack the installer package, but in reality it does not; the installer package contains file names and path names which are too long for Windows Explorer to unpack correctly, but Windows Explorer doesn't give any error message. That means that Windows Explorer corrupts the installation package while un-zipping it, but there are no error messages or hints given about this fact.

          One "easy" way around this problem is to use a "real" unzip software like 7-ZIP, InfoZip, RAR, Java code... whatever. Just not Windows Explorer.