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    Planning Upgrade from 10 1 to 10 2 1

    Kisalay Gaur New Member

      Hello All,


      Planning Upgrade from 10 1 to 10 2 1 for Power Center and Power Exchange on AIX.


      I tried but no luck of 10 2 1 , Can someone share me the document of 'Upgrade of Informatica from 10 1 to latest version i.e 10 2 1 for both - Power Center and Power Exchange on AIX'




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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Please follow the Documentation link near the top of the Informatica Network home page. There you will find a section named Data Integration. This section has one link for PowerCenter-related documentation and one link for PWX-related documentation. Follow each of these links and scroll down, there you will find an Upgrade From ... 10.1 documentation guide.




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            Kisalay Gaur New Member

            Yeah, Thanks Nico


            We are doing Informatica upgrade from '10 1' to '10 2 1', as Oracle RAC (our present oracle version is 10 2 0 1 0 ) will not support Informatica 10 1 0 version.


            Any inputs/suggestions on this.




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              Kisalay Gaur New Member

              sorry oracle version 12 2 0 1 0

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                Nico Heinze Guru

                Yes, but only very generic recommendations:

                First analyse what Informatica products you have. Is it PowerCenter only (PWC), PWC + PWX for mainframes, PWX CDC (and for which products), PWX for SAP, MDM, IDQ... whatever. You need the complete list.

                Second I strongly advice you to search for similar questions posted during the past months. There are so many pitfalls waiting in complex environments that it impossible for me to repeat them all here.
                On a general note, if you are "only" upgrading PowerCenter and PWX for mainframes, things should be fairly easy. Nonetheless you should read those posts carefully because there are still a few potential stumble steps.
                The most important potential stumble steps for you are the following:
                First, in earlier times PWC version x.y used to work with PWX in later versions without hassle.
                With the introduction of PWC 9.x things changed drastically; you had to install both PWX and PWC in version 9.x, it was not possible to first upgrade PWX to v9 before upgrading PWC to v9.
                This whole scheme has changed a few more times over the past years. And to be honest I've lost track of the current situation. So may I suggest that you contact Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) to get confirmation whether they both have to be upgraded at the same time or whether PWX may be upgraded first.
                In case PWX may be upgraded first, I would suggest you first have PWX upgraded and test all PWX related functionality before you go for the PWC upgrade; separating these two tasks often makes life much easier for such upgrades.
                Second I always suggest that an "upgrade" on Unix/Linux (as in your case) be performed via a parallel installation of the new version instead of an "in-place" upgrade. This way you can check all aspects of the new installation before upgrading the repositories and moving all productive processes to the new version.
                Granted, this costs notably more disk space and RAM and CPU resources than an in-place upgrade, but on the other hand you have a 100% safe fall-back situation in case you discover any trouble with the new installation. An in-place upgrade may fail in certain (rare) cases, leaving you with a non-working installation. That's what I would prefer you to not fall into.
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                  Rajan Rath Guru

                  Informatica 10.2.1 is a BDM release and not for classic PowerCenter services.

                  Did you actually mean Informatica 10.2.0 HF1?


                  If you are trying to upgrade to 10.2.1, you will need to reconsider having it upgraded to 10.2.0 HF1/HF2 for the PowerCenter services.