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    Issue with - Windows10 and PC Client 10 1

    Kisalay Gaur New Member

      hello  team,

      Getting Issue while installing client of 'Informatica 10.1' on 'Windows 10' 64 bit OS.



      1. I have the correct software,

      2. Tried to install the client on windows 10 machine, getting the below error :

      "Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported" and saying like "Use Command line -i option"

      3. Tried with command line and getting the same error immediately like earlier.

      4. Again Tried with below option, and able to complete 100%

      <<isntaller.bat>> -i GUI

      Completed 100% and getting the same error at the end.

      5. Tried with Compatibility Mode option by selecting the Windows 7 - But same error


      *Attached the error details*

      Please check and guide me on this.