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    Issues in migrating from 9.6.1 to 10.2

    mayur marathe Seasoned Veteran

      Hi All, we are recently migrating from 9.6.1 to 10.2 informatica PC with SQL server as application database i am facing two issues actually


      1) for one of the mapping where we are getting error as ,

      value too large for column


      mapping works fine with the 9.6.1 version and runs well , i have checked like NLS_PARAMETER and they are needed as per defined for our application database

      i cant change the parameters in the Repository databse.can anyone have pointers in this case what needs to be done 



      2) second issue is i have some reserved words are used in target table as database column name e.g is PERCENT is the column name

      i have used  resword.txt and placed PERCENT and placed that file in the server/bin directory also. and in relational connection target instance in connection environment property i have used

      SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON then also it is failing reswords file is like

      [SQL Server]



      when i run the session i checked the logs for the same it reads the file but the session fails.


      have any pointers/help for above issues using 10.2 infomatica PC and sql server



      thanks in advance