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    Configure import file for ActiveVOS for new (unknown) imported values in PIM

    Berry S. New Member

      Hi All,


      I managed to trigger one of the pre-set workflows in PIM when a value (f.e. ColorCode) is changed or added. Now I have to built my own workflow for the following:


      1. File is being imported in P360

      2. One of the attributes (f.e. ColorCode) is not existing in the reference table




      3. Workflow is triggered

      4. Workflow should check whether the value = -9999

           - If No: Terminate process

           - If Yes: Send a message (or task?) to downstream systems for update



      I need help with the process configuration in ActiveVOS. The attachment contains the broad overview of what I need to have.


      Is there someone who can help me out or provide me with tips regarding what's needed as 'real input' for the workflow in ActiveVOS.


      Put simply, I don't know how to let this process work, and how to select the import file from PIM. Tips and suggestions are welcome of course.




      Kind regards