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    Python transformation

    Ikd Das Active Member

      In my souce table i have two column first namr and last name.

      Using python transformation i would like to concatenate first nAme and last name and load full name in targer.

      How do i write this in concatenate code in python transformation.

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          Abhilash Mula Guru

          What version of BDM are you using? 10.2.1 or 10.2.2.

          Depending on the version First you have to install python on the machine running DIS and configure your spark connection to python libraries, please follow the  install documentation for more details. In 10.2.2 you can use the default OS .python


          Within your mapping drag the firstname and lastname ports from your source to your python tx.

          Create 3 output ports





          in the python code window write the following code






          fullname= o_firstname + ' '  + o_lastname