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    Informatica Session Log not showing the full error description

    Harsha Karna New Member

      I am using a JDBC (Postgre DB- PG DB) connection in my mappings with source and target from different schemas within PG DB. The session log is working absolutely fine when there is no issue/error during mapping execution. But whenever there is some issue/error and when there are more ports connected to the target then the error description in the log is getting trimmed ( meaning that it is not showing the full error description). For example, I have a table cl_demographic which has more than 20 columns in it.  My mapping for it actually got failed for the reason: cannot insert character data into a numeric data type. However, In the session log the error description (given below) it got ended abruptly without showing the rest of the columns and the actual error.


      2019-05-01 10:18:08.949 <TASK_140204232926976-WRITER_1_*_1> SEVERE: [WRT_8229] Database errors occurred:

      FnName: INFASQLExecute -- execute(). SQLException: Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO hhs_01.cl_demographic(demographic_id,individual_id,gender_cd,date_of_birth_dt,ssn_referral,effective_begin_dt,effective_end_dt,meals_paid_amount,record_update,birth_state_cd,birth_hospital,tca_counter,striker_status,diff_address_ind,race_verification_id,death_verifica


      Please let me know the solution for this.


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