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    How to start MDM learning

    laxman v Active Member

      Hi Everyone,

      i have worked on Inforamtica Power Center now i want to upgrade my self with informatica MDM (Master Data Management).

      when i searching for MDM, i found that they are multiple MDM like

      and i was totally confused that which one i need to focus on.

      Can any one please guide me in such a way that which product i need to focus. 

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          Sinan Bilgic Active Member

          Hi Laxman v


          Master Data Management is a general consept that you should learn. I don't know all the product you mentioned but Multidomain MDM is the product you should focus in my opinion. For expamle product 360 is special product for Product data management, it has different uı, diffrent tools but every thing on Product 360 can be done via Multidomain MDM. I think it will be a good choose Multidomain MDM to start learning general concepts.


          Good luck.

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