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    Save and Send for Approval in E360

    Kundan Gupta New Member

      In IDD DataView , a role(DataSteward) has privilege to both Save or Send for approval a new record via invoking an approval workflow in activevos. We are trying  to have the same functionality in E360 application where it is up  to the user to save it or send for apporval.


      In Provisioing tool, a trigger has been setup which will invoke a oneStepApproval workflow whenever a user from DataSteward role creates or updates the record i.e. on CreateBe and UpdateBe event.


      In E360 aplication as per the trigger setup whenever a DataSteward user creates or updates a record , a task is created.

      Is there a way where he can decide if he wants to save it directly or send it for approval?


      Same functionality for merge is required , where a user can explicitely decide if he wants to merge or create a merge task on records.


      Any help is much appreciated.