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    Match jobs in Manual Batch Group?

    Brian Stephenson New Member

      We want to run an ETL Job that stages and loads our Base Object's data, but stops before Match and Merge.  Then we want to Match using a manual approach that only Matches Base Objects, and does not go on to Merge.


      When I look to one of my Base Objects to add a Job to my new Batch Group, I see 4 Match jobs: "Generate Match Tokens For Base Object...", "Analyze Match for Base Object...", "Match for Base Object ...", and "External Match for Base Object...".    If just want to run the "Match for Base Object ..." job, do I have to run the "Generate Match Tokens For Base Object..." first, or will it be run automatically with the "Match for Base Object ..." job?


      So does my Batch Job have to have just Match job, or Generate Tokens and THEN Match Job, for each Base Object?


      Thanks for any quick reply,