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    Informatica 10.2 Vs IICS

    Yanamadala Ramesh Babu New Member

      Hello every one,


      Currently, we are using Informatica 9.5 and we are planning to Upgrade to the new version. we are thinking about 10.2 version of Informatica and IICS. Can anyone please help me to understand the advantages and disadvantages of  10.2 and IICS. please suggest us which environment will be good to go.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Advantages and disadvantages?

          I don't intend to be rude nor to sound like a salesman, but in my opinion you're comparing apples with pears. Although both systems share some common things, they are pretty much different in terms of scalability, ease of use, stability, networing requirements, and some more. Just a few points:


          With PowerCenter you can distribute workload over as many servers as you want to. Meaning you could distribute heavy workloads of billions of records over e.g. five different servers.

          With IICS (as far as I know) you are restricted to four CPU cores per IICS license.


          The PowerCenter GUI is quite old but fairly stable. But it really has a good lot of oddities which you need to get accustomed to, otherwise you'll be in constant danger of turning paranoid.

          The IICS GUI is quite more modern, but browser interfaces often are not really easy to use. It's a matter of taste.


          Workflows have many different features in both worlds. You cannot simply move a "workflow" from one world to the other, you have to manually rebuild quite a few things.


          Connectivity is another area of huge differences. IICS offers more connectors, but many connectors for PowerCenter offer better performance. And quite a few connectors exist in one world but not in the other one.


          Find out what you need, and then decide whether to go one route or the other or both. With the help of a few experienced people (who are not prejudiced ) that can be done in a reasonable time frame.




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            Yanamadala Ramesh Babu New Member

            Thank you Nico for your inputs.


            Am new to cloud environments and am trying to get some inputs.


            also, could you please help me to understand about Informatica Enterprise data catalog.


            do we need to get a separate license for EDC or will it be a part of IICS?

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              Nico Heinze Guru

              Not 100% sure because this is not my area of expertise, but as of my understanding these are completely separate worlds as well.

              EDC is meant to give you insight into all information assets in your organisation: what is stored where, who has access to these data, and so on.

              IICS is a tool to process data with the smallest possible effort (hence the many mapping templates that exist in IICS).


              So yes, these are completely separate licenses and have nothing in common (again, as far as I understand).




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                Suhail Sulaiman New Member

                Nico is absolutely right.


                We did a complete assessment along with Informatica Personnel recently based on our current Powercenter environment and decided to just upgrade from 9.6.1 HF3 to 10.2.


                If a new system is being built from scratch then it is recommended to go the the IICS way provided there is not a lot of complexities involved from coding perspective.


                To port a currently fully developed and stable powercenter environment to IICS is just too much of work both cost and time perspective and lot of features that powercenter supports are still not supported by IICS, example: transaction control transformations, workflow scheduling using batch files, command line tasks if any, etc.


                if the company is bent upon moving to IICS, recommendation is to bring in the informatica consultants to do the cloud assessment and decide based on the outcome report.




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                  Yanamadala Ramesh Babu New Member

                  Thank you for all your inputs.


                  Can anyone please help me to understand about Informatica enterprise catalog (EDC).


                  Is it comes as part of IICS services? or do we need to configure separately? if yes please advice on EDC configuration on Informatica cloud.


                  appreciate all your inputs.


                  Thanks & regards,



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                    Nico Heinze Guru

                    As mentioned earlier, EDC is something completely different. It has nothing to do (which I know of) with ICS, IICS, or whatever. It's a completely separate installation and software environment.

                    May I suggest that you contact Informatica Sales for some demo, white papers, and some expert advice and introduction.


                    You might also want to re-post this (very valid) basic question on the respective forum instead ot the ICS/IICS forum (I dare to assume that such a forum exists, I haven't checked myself yet).