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    Will deleting a user in Informatica cause Salesforce to re-login?

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      Hello everyone,


      I have a case where some how, one user created a duplicate login. For example, she has two users in Informatica Cloud now.





      I went ahead and reset the .Salesforce username, but it still gives her an error when she goes to Informatica Cloud from Salesforce. She is unable to login with the real username because when she clicks on the Single Sign In button, it gives an error of "You are already logged in with jane.doe@school.edu.Salesforce. Please logout with this user name and login again."


      That being said, can I just delete the .edu.Salesforce one and will that force her to enter the correct information? I wanted to verify that by deleting the incorrect login, it would force her to login again, and not throw the error any more.


      Thank you,