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    Path Component

    Raghu M New Member



      Is it possible to match the records with the records from Xref ?


      What is the significance of Path Component(Source Table) in the Match Column settings? Can I create a path to Xref and choose this Xref table as the Root Path Component(Source Table) in the match column settings? Would this resolve the issue of matching records against Xref?




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          Patrick Piper Seasoned Veteran

          The path component identifies the linkage from one table to another so columns from multiple tables can be used in the same match rule set.


          I don't understand the use case for wanting to match to the xref records. Those values are all represented in the consolidated base object.

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            Raghu M New Member

            Thank you for your response.


            I believe the consolidated base object has cell records either with the highest trust score or the one with most recent source update(SRC_LUD). In our case, there are certain new records that would not match with the consolidated BO data but could still match with the XREF data that did not survive the merge process. I see that Path Component can be used as a source table(XREF in my case) and I'm not sure if I could match BO data against it.

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              Patrick Piper Seasoned Veteran

              This is likely against best practice. If a value is important enough to be matched on, it should survive the match and merge process. You're not matching XREF data against BO data, you're matching XREF data against other XREF data. However, in a very simple case it appears the answer to your question is yes.


              For example:

              • Record A with 2 XREFs, the First Name values are "Bob" and "Sally", "Bob" is the surviving value, and consolidation_ind = 1
              • Record B with 1 XREF, the First Name value "Sally", consolidation_ind = 4
              • Match path from C_PARTY to C_PARTY_XREF
              • Exact Match Column on C_PARTY_XREF|First Name
              • Exact Match Rule consisting of only that column
              • Record A will match with Record B.


              You should consider the effects of this as now every new XREF will be compared to every existing XREF. This could create false matches and possibly affect performance.

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                Raghu M New Member

                Okay, thank you