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    winter 2019 pre-release evaluation env came up blank

    Lip Yew Sim New Member

      Good morning,

      We have been testing in the winter 2019 pre-release evaluation environment but this morning, the testing/evaluation environment came up blank when I logged into https://dmr-us.informaticacloud.com/ma/home for both the 8P6yJMF2AFqgqI2izhswwr ORG ID and the cltV39DgIIecua70jrvwsX ORG ID

      After login and after clicking on either Administrator, Data Integration or clicking on Monitor, their subsequent webpage would turn up blank ( https://usw1.dmr-us.informaticacloud.com/cloudUI/products/administer/index.html )

      This happened on Firefox 65.0.2 as well as Chrome 73.0.3683.75; my computer was restarted/rebooted this morning.

      Attached is the screenshot for the cltV39DgIIecua70jrvwsX ORG ID when I clicked on Administrator

      Is anyone else having problems?  Thanks.