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    Error when trying to start a mapping in debugger mode

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      When trying to start a mapping in debugger mode, I get the folowing message:


      Establishing a connection to the Integration Service int_svc_eis_sit5...

      Integration Service int_svc_eis_sit5 acknowledged its ability to debug a mapping.

      Initializing debugger...

      Sending request to Integration Service int_svc_eis_sit5 to debug mapping m_CLZ_Claim_I_LoadLzBases_FromOpusBases...

      Warning: TCP/IP shutdown not successful.

      [LM_2006] Unable to create log file [/eis/EIS_INFA_PCS_SIT5/WorkflowLogs/DebugWorkFlow_m_CLZ_Claim_I_LoadLzBases_FromOpusBases.log.bin]. Please check the Integration Service log for more information.

      Debugger startup not successful.


      I have already set the Min/Max port range in tools-->options-->debug, but this seems to be a different type of problem.


      Thank you,


      Chris Allaire