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    How to configure the service connector for redirecting URL's and to accept the conditions.

    seshaseyana reddy Guru

      Hi all, I have a scenario to configure the Service connector.

      In this service connector i'm trying to do login action.

      Basically, how this login will work in browser is, once we hit the login url, it will prompt to another url and will ask for the acceptance for the user information access as shown in below.


      LoginURL: Sign in to your account   (here i have modified some sensitive information)

      Once we hit this url it will prompt to another url and it will ask for the acceptance as below.


      Once we accept it, it will redirect to another url, in that url we will get the expected information as shown in below.


      We need to use this code in next Action in the service connector.


      How can we configure the same in service connector.