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    Time out in IDD

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      I have MDM 10.2 running on Weblogic. I want to know what is the best practice for time out value to set in IDD and Weblogic.


      In The IDD Config - Edit the IDD application - Session timeout (minutes)


      Also there are options in Weblogic to set the timeout - Navigation is -

      Weblogic admin console --> Deployments --> siperian-mrm.ear --> Configurations --> Application

      Here you will see an option to set the timeout.


      Also you will see below set of ear files deployed generally -







      Which among them actually used by IDD?


      Also time out in IDD config and Weblogic should be in sync? Please suggest.


      Thanks a lot.

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          Bipin RajalingamS Guru

          Check the KB 477788  for different Timeout settings


          Below might be the use of each EARs which are rellated to UI

          entity360view-ear - E360 UI

          provisioning-ear - Provisioning Tool

          uiwebapp-ear - IDD Legacy View and BDD Config



          IDD Session Timeout and JTA need not be in Sync. Say should you have two IDD application in this scenario, each of the IDD application can have different Session Timeout values and the JTA is something that impacts all the applications on the server