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    SAP Table Connection

    Akshay Pillai Active Member

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a SAP BAPI connector type available and working in my org's Application Integration module. This connection has been used till now for RFC calls to SAP.

      I now have a requirement to fetch information from an SAP Table. I don't see any other connector type available to make the new connection to SAP for this table access.

      I have tried to create a new connection with type SAP BAPI for this table but it doesn't get published and says: "There are no entities defined in the data source my connection name"

      Is a there a different connector available for table access in Application Integration which I need to get? I know that there's 1 for Data Integration but not sure if same's the case for ICAI.

      Any guidance in this matter would be highly appreciated.



      Akshay Pillai

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          Nitish Kumar New Member

          Dear Akshay,


          Responding late on your query, hope that helps.

          I believe your ask is around IICS ( DI ) SAP table connector connection. Follow the connection setup as per mentioned below . You must have client , destination and SAPRFC.ini file available to setup this connection.

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            Prakash Jain Guru

            Hi Akshay,



            We don't have an SAP table connector in Cloud Application integration. You will have to use SAP BAPI connector available in the CAI to fetch the data from the SAP system.


            In order to use the SAP BAPI connection you will have to provide the SAP BAPI name and not the Table name in order to publish. Since it is not finding any SAP BAPI with that name it might be giving you "There are no entities defined in the data source my connection name" message.




            Prakash Jain

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              Prakash Jain Guru

              Is it resolved or do you still have an issue?



              Prakash Jain