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    Organization Name Cleanse function

    Madhukar Korakandla Active Member



      i am looking for Organization cleanse function to standardize the Organization names like. Please let me know if any one implemented or if any one using organization cleanse funcation.


      Example: This the Example I am excepting


      Additional examples.  In MDM via standard individual name cleanse vs. desired Org name cleanse


      Current per Cleanse function                                                                       Preferred Name Format

      Lark'S Nest Family Counseling Center                                                   Llc Lark's Nest Family Counseling Center LLC

      The Children'S Hospital Of San Antonio                                                The Children's Hospital of San Antonio

      Today'S Vision - Rice Village, Pa                                                            Today's Vision - Rice Village, PA

      Unm Women'S Health Clinic                                                                   UNM Women's Health Clinic

      Women'S Health Of Swla, Llc                                                                  Women's Health of SwLa, LLC      or         Women's Health of SWLA, LLC





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          Bipin RajalingamS Guru

          This looks like a complex cleanse function which needs lots of Textual Intelligence for the system to transform to the preferred format. The only way to achieve this might be a Java Cleanse Library. But I'm not sure how to make the system understand this complete logic.

          Check if there any other system\APIs that offer this intelligence and integrate it to the JAVA cleanse function.