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    Database condition before workflow

    Deesha Bhosale New Member

      I have a workflow which runs 3 session one after the other after the 2nd session I want to query the database and if the flag is T only then I want to run a new session Otherwise I want to follow the old sequence .How can it be done in informatica .Help !

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Insert a new session (2a, so to speak) which checks that particular flag table. If it contains a T record, make it create one dummy output record; if it does not contain T, do NOT create a dummy record.


          Now in the workflow set up workflow link conditions to the new session and to the original third session; the link condition to the new session should look something like this:

             $s_m_2a.Status = SUCCEEDED AND $s_m_2a.TgtSuccessRows = 1

          Whereas the link condition to the original third session looks something like this:

             $s_m_2a.Status = SUCCEEDED AND $s_m_2a.TgtSuccessRows = 0