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    Task Creation PIM BPM

    Dwijitha Guru

      Hello ,

      I am using below Xquery and trying to create a task based on query. But I see that Task is created but there are no values assigned to the tasks.


      <rest:RESTRequest xmlns:rest="http://schemas.activebpel.org/REST/2007/12/01/aeREST.xsd">






      <rest:header name="Content-Type" value="application/json"/>

      <rest:header name="accept" value="application/json"/>






      <rest:payload contentType="application/json">





      "task":{{"name":"Tasks for Invalids",







          {{ "key":"query", "value":"ArticleLang.PName contains \"Invalid\""}},

        {{ "key":"catalog", "value":"MASTER"}}







      <!-- <rest:ssl>false</rest:ssl> -->


      <rest:locale country="US" lang="en">en_US</rest:locale>




      Could anyone help me understand what am I missing here.

      Thank you.