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    MS SQL Server (Native) & ODBC Connection

    Kittu Babu Guru

      We can create Microsoft SQL Server connection (Native) from Workflow Manager.


      And the same connection can also be created through ODBC connection by adding the entry into odbc.ini file & creating the odbc connection from WF manager.


      What makes difference. Could you pls clarify.

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          Rajan Rath Guru

          Hello Kishore,


          The type of connection created itself says a lot about the difference.

          The Native connectivity uses the SQL Server Native Client installed on the server or at times OLEDB (based on configuration), whereas the ODBC connection uses the ODBC drivers provided by Informatica (configured in the odbc.ini file or ODBC Administrator) to connect to the database.


          Hope this answers your query.




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            Lajpat Kurdiya New Member

            Hello Rajan,


            I have a question for ODBC driver in PowerCenter 10.4, we have both the Informatica Data Driver version 7 and 8 available. We have Informatica 10.4 installed in Windows server, if we create a SQL relation connection through Workflow Manager and choose Provide Type ODBC then which DD driver version it would work with.




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              user101600 Guru

              What are you using SQL server for. Is it your source target connection or repository?

              PC client tools use an ODBC connection to connect to MSSQL

              Developer tool uses JDBC connection

              When you run a session the IS running the session will need to talk to mSSQL

              If the IS is on windows then you have 2 options.

              Use the Native MSSQL client (this is the fastest method)


              Use ODBC connection

              If the IS is on linux or unix then you only have one option to connect to MSSQL

              On linux you can only use ODBC.


              The same concept applies to the rep server


              And the domain repo connection is through JDBC.

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                user136699 Seasoned Veteran

                Hi Lajpat,

                With 10.4, you should use the v 8 driver. That is what the product is certified with.